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Experimental investigations of the turbulent swirl flow in straight conical diffusers with various angles

Results of experimental investigations of the turbulent swirl flow in three straight conical diffusers with various diffuser total angles are presented in this paper. All three diffusers have the inlet diameter 0.4 m and total divergence angles 8.6°, 10.5° and 12.6°. The incompressible swirl flow field is generated by the axial fan impeller, and for each diffuser several regimes were achieved by changing rotation number. Original classical probes were used for measurements. The distributions of the average main swirl flow characteristics along the diffuser are shown. Distributions of the inlet Boussinesq number, outlet Coriolis coefficient, ratio of the swirl and completely axial flow loss coefficients at conical diffuser on the inlet swirl flow parameter are also presented.
PAPER REVISED: 2016-03-23
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2016-04-29
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