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The effect of the rib width to height ratio t/e and width to pitch ratio t/p on the local heat transfer distribution in a rectangular matrix ribbed channel with two opposite in line 45° ribs are experimentally investigated for Reynolds numbers from 54000 to 150000. The rib height to channel height ratio e/H is 0.5, t/p and t/e both varies in range of 0.3-0.5. To simulate the actually situation in turbine blades, and provide useful direct results for turbine blade designers, the parameters are same with the blade. The experiments results show that, in comparison to fully developed flow in a smooth pipe of equivalent hydraulic diameter, the Nusselt number inside the matrix-ribbed rectangular channel is increased up to 5 to 9 times higher, while total pressure drop is enlarged by up to significant magnitude. The Nusselt number ratio increases with t/p and t/e increased. Semi-empirical heat transfer is developed for designing of cooling channel.
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