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The paper presents new results on the study of thermokinetics of gel system based on agarose in the process of transition from solution to gel and opposite. This issue is extremely relevant, since the stability and predictability of thermophysical and rheological properties in such transformations, especially in the presence of components of the nutrient medium and immobilized microorganisms, come to the fore in terms of design and selection of modes of operation of the printing device promising 3-D bioprinters, as well as the system of preparation and storage of the presence of the hysteresis effect, both from the point of view of the kinetics of gel formation and from the point of view of the dependence of rheological properties on temperature, at different concentrations of modifying components, is shown. The obtained results allow to draw a conclusion about the possibility of using the scheme with preliminary preparation of the initial biogel for the implementation of bioprinting technology based on agarose, and to recommend the obtained values for modeling the operating modes of devices of this type.
PAPER REVISED: 2019-11-14
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-11-16
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