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The thermoelectric material is considered to a good choice to recycle the waste heat in the power and energy systems because the thermoelectric material is a solid-state energy converter which can directly convert thermal energy into electrical energy, especially suitable for high temperature power and energy systems due to the large temperature difference. However, the figure of merit of thermoelectric material is very low, and the thermoelectric power of generator system is even lower. This work reviews the recent progress on the thermoelectric power generator system from the view of heat transfer, including the theoretical analysis and numerical simulation on thermoelectric-hydraulic performance, conventional heat transfer enhancement technologies, radial and flow-directional segmented enhancement technologies for the thermoelectric power generator system. Review ends with the discussion of the future research directions of numerical simulation methods and heat transfer enhancement technologies used for the thermoelectric power generator in high temperature power and energy systems.
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2018, VOLUME 22, ISSUE Issue 5, PAGES [1885 - 1903]
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