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Thermal Science Archive [volume 20, year 2016, Supplement 2]

Special Issue: Selected papers from the PSU-UNS International Engineering and Technology

From the Guest Editors

Words from the guest editors
From the Guest Editors, 2016, Supplement 2

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Energy indicators for public buildings in autonomous province of Vojvodina with focus on healthcare, educational and administrative buildings
Energy and economic effects of CHP with combined technologies of corn cobs gasification and gas turbines
Improving energy efficiency in compressed air systems - practical experiences
Profitability of smart grid solutions applied in power grid
Study on overhead transmission line on-line monitoring technology
HIL evaluation of control unit in grid-tied coverters
A comprehensive procedure for development of power electronics control systems
Advanced induction motor drive control with single current sensor
Lightning severity in Malaysia and some parameters of interest for engineering applications
Knowledge-based competitiveness indices and its connection with energy indices
Adapting the Forchheimer equation for the flow of air through wheat straw beds
Speed-sensorless control strategy for multi-phase induction generator in wind energy conversion systems
Fault ride-through capability of wind turbine connected to the grid in case of unbalanced voltages
Instantaneous on-line modification of biped walk composed from reconfigurable adaptive motion primitives
Adaptive continuously variable transmission used for maintaining stationary regime of driving machine
Force/position control of a robot manipulator for human-robot interaction
Hybrid motion control of humanoid robot for leader-follower cooperative tasks
Efficient feature for classification of eye movements using electrooculography signals
Joined statistical – thermodynamic expression for entropy and Hook’s law in the analysis of states of elongated ligament biostructure
Development of the multi-segment lumbar spine for humanoid robots
Implementation of a real-time automatic onset time detection for surface electromyography measurement systems using NI myRIO
Modeling the surface stored thermal energy in asphalt concrete pavements
Viability analysis of heat recovery solution for industrial process of roasting coffee