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This paper puts forward a new-type trough solar concentrator with a compound surface, which is comprised of two upper paraboloids, lower planar mirrors and one base paraboloid. This structure forms a co-focus where a solar receiver is installed. The performance of the new-type trough solar concentrator combined with a cylinder receiver and a flat plate receiver, respectively, was tested. For comparison, the reflector of the concentrator was made of a polished aluminum sheet and a mirror glass, respectively. The experimental results show that the prototype concentrator systems may have an average efficiency around 40% for the hot water temperature up to 80°C and the ambient temperature below 0°C in winter. To test and verify the performance of the system in higher temperature range, a scaled-down new concentrator of the same structure was made and tested in the outdoor. It was found from the results that the designed new-type trough concentrator can produce 220°C solar heat. It indicates that the proposed design may be promising for solar thermal application at a medium temperature of 80°C -150°C.
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2015, VOLUME 19, ISSUE Supplement 2, PAGES [S535 - S545]
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