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The article presents computational fluid dynamics studies on heat transfer, pressure drop, friction factor, Nusselt number and thermal hydraulic performance of a plain tube and tube equipped with the three types of internal grooves (circular, square and trapezoidal).Water was used as the working fluid. Tests were performed for Reynolds number ranges from 5000 to 13500 for plain tube and different geometry inside grooved tubes. The maximum increase of pressure drop was obtained from numerical modeling 74% for circular, 38% for square and 78% for trapezoidal grooved tubes were compared with plain tube. Based on computational fluid dynamics analysis the average Nusselt number was increased up to 37%, 26% and 42% for circular, square and trapezoidal grooved tubes respectively while compared with the plain tube. The thermal hydraulic performance was obtained from computational fluid dynamics analysis up to 38% for circular grooved tube, 27% for square grooved tube and 40% for trapezoidal grooved tube while compared with the plain tube.
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