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Dear readers, Before this regular No. 1, 2011, we started this year with an excellent Supplement 1, issue devoted to Analytical Methods for Thermal Science. Last years quality and number of the paper submitted for publication in the journal Thermal Science doubled each year. This is result of the joint efforts of our National and Regional Editorial Boards and International Advisory Board, as well as of the highly qualified researchers submitting paper, for publication in the Journal and our reviewers. This fact had positive and negative consequences. Impact factor from starting 0.407 rose to 0.62. Number of accepted papers of high quality increased making necessary to increase number of papers per one issue from 12 to 14, on 25, and number of pages per issue to more than 300. Also, we decided to publish Supplement issues according to the interest for recent results in some modern scientific fields. On the other hand, time period from submission of the paper to its publishing increased and many authors are unhappy waiting for publishing their papers. We apologize to all authors waiting too much for publishing their papers, but capacity of our technical and editorial staff is only about 100 papers per year. Also, our financial possibilities are limited, and expenses for publishing journal rose practically twice. For this reasons we must increase our subscription fee, which you will notice on our impressum pages. Due to increased quantity of papers needed to pass reviewing process, and in order to shorten time period from submission to publishing, we will appreciate authors not to submit papers to several journals at the same time. From this issue we will always ask from authors to sign so called Authors' statement that states that submitted paper: "is original, has been written by the stated authors and has not been published elsewhere; is not currently being considered for publication by any other journal and will not be submitted for such review while under review by the Journal." At the end I have a pleasure to frankly appreciate to Professor Jan Erik Johnsson, from Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, for his contribution, as member of the International Advisory Board from the very beginning, to the scientific scope and orientation of the Journal, and to the quality of the papers published in more than 15 years. I am sorry that his wish was not to be member of the International Advisory Board, since he was retired. In the name of Editorial Boards of the journal Thermal Science I wish to him many nice activities in his free time. Finally, I am happy that, following the wish of Prof. Arun Mujumdar, the world known scientist and member of our International Advisory Board, that I can pay your attention to the link:, where you can download many interesting e-books, and review of the activity of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Technology Centre, of the Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore. April, 2011 Professor Simeon Oka, Ph. D. Editor-in-chief
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