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Bosnia & Herzegovina state has good potentials for generation of electric power. It applies, first of all, to its water and coal potentials. In addition to this, Bosnia & Herzegovina has good potentials of certain renewable energy sources, namely: wind, sun, water flows, and biomass. Observation and measurement of wind characteristics in Bosnia & Herzegovina have been performed for over 120 years now. However, the first measurements with adequate equipment and technology aimed at determining of the wind energy potential, started in 2002. Research is still incomplete and limited by complex terrain, the wind type 'Bora', as well as by non-existence of necessary strategic documents and regulations on renewables. Based on this research, several wind farms have been already planned, with an installed power of about 200 MW, and with a high coefficient of energy efficiency. This paper provides a review of localities from the wind characteristics research performed in the area of Bosnia & Herzegovina in the period 2002-2008. Additionally, it gives a brief reference to the complexity of wind potential research under complex conditions of terrain and wind type in Bosnia & Herzegovina, giving in this way a contribution to a more realistic estimate of economically feasible potential of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will consequently help creation of needed strategic documents.
PAPER REVISED: 2009-08-20
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2009-09-24
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