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Influence of hydrolysis on pyrolysis products from sewage sludge

In this research endeavor, the influence of thermal hydrolysis treatment (THT) on product distribution obtained through the pyrolysis of hydrolysis-treated sludge (HTS) and raw sewage sludge (RSS) was investigated. RSS sample was received from a municipal sewage sludge treatment plant, and hydrolysis of sewage sludge (SS) was performed at a temperature of 200°C and a pressure of 0.4 MPa in a fixed-bed furnace. The pore structure of the obtained biochar and non-condensable gas collected at various temperatures was analyzed via Brunauer, Emmett, and Teller (BET) and gas chromatography (GC) techniques, respectively. The results revealed that THT had a significant impact on product distribution at varying temperatures (500-800°C). An increase in temperature led to a decrease in the biochar and bio-oil yield, while the yield of gas increased for both HTS and RSS. It was observed that the concentration of H2, CH4, and CO from HTS was higher than RSS. Furthermore, it was observed that by increasing the temperature, the pore volume and specific surface area of the biochar increased while the average pore width decreased. The maximum BET surface area was measured from biochar obtained from HTS at 800°C as 50.61 m2/g. The findings suggest that THT is a viable method for the treatment of SS as compared to conventional methods.
PAPER REVISED: 2024-01-17
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2024-01-25
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