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Daily thermodynamic analysis of a solar dish-driven reheating organic Rankine cycle

Solar concentrating systems can play a critical role in the future for designing sustainable cities. The goal of this investigation is the energy analysis of a solar-driven power plant based on the solar dish collector, storage thermal tank and a reheating organic Rankine cycle. The present thermodynamic cycle is a more efficient choice compared to other similar designs due to the existence of a double expansion with an intermediate reheating. Also, the use of the solar dish collector enables efficient operation in medium and high temperatures. More specifically, this investigation is performed on dynamic conditions aiming to determine the unit's performance on a usual summer day. The analysis is done with a dynamic model based on mathematical formulas which are inserted into Engineering Equation Solver. The simulation results proved that a collecting area of 500 m2 (50 modules) coupled with a storage tank of 5 m3 volume that feeds an Organic Rankine Cycle of 50 kWel nominal power leads to daily electricity production of 577 kWhel. The system efficiency is found to be 12.6%, the thermodynamic cycle efficiency 20.8% and the solar field thermal efficiency 60.8%. Therefore, it is obvious that the suggested unit leads to satisfying results, and it is a promising one for the design of sustainable renewably driven units in the future.
PAPER REVISED: 2024-01-15
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2024-02-09
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