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High pressure density of biodiesel is a crucial parameter necessary for the diesel engine design and performance improvement as well as proper combustion optimization. Biodiesel production utilizing biowaste as raw material reduces the capital costs and environmental problems related to biowaste disposal. In this investigation, biodiesel was synthesized in a heterogeneous transesterification reaction utilizing used cooking oil and methanol as reactants and eggshell raw material as a calcium-oxide catalyst source. Calcination was carried out at temperature 1073.15 K for 4h and transesterification was conducted at 338.15 K. Densities of produced biodiesel were measured at pressures up to 60 MPa and over the temperature range 288.15 - 413.15 K and fitted employing the modified Tammann-Tait equation. Viscosities of biodiesel are also measured at atmospheric pressure over the temperature range 288.15 - 338.15 K. From measured density data, important mechanical properties, such as the isothermal compressibility and the isobaric thermal expansivity, were calculated. High transesterification reaction yield was obtained (almost 99 wt%) while densities and viscosities of analyzed biodiesel sample were in accordance with recommended standard values. [Project of the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Grant no. 172063]
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PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-04-21
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2019, VOLUME 23, ISSUE Supplement 5, PAGES [S1757 - S1768]
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