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In order to improve the thermal performance of thermal energy storage systems, a packed bed thermal energy storage systems unit using spherical capsules filled with multiple phase change materials (multi-PCM) for use in conventional air-conditioning systems is presented. A 3-D mathematical model was established to investigate the charging characteristics of the thermal energy storage systems unit. The optimum proportion between the multi-PCM was identified. The effects of heat transfer fluid-flow rate and heat transfer fluid inlet temperature on the liquid phase change materials volume fraction, charging time and charging capacity of the thermal energy storage system unit are studied. The results indicate that the charging capacity of multi-PCM units is higher than that of the conventional single-PCM (HY-2). For proportions 0:1:0, 2:3:3, 3:2:3, 3:3:2, 4:1:3, and 4:2:2, the charging capacity decreases by approximately 24.84%, 14.69%, 6.47%, 3.82%, and 1.13%, respectively, compared to the 4:2:2 proportion. Moreover, decreasing the heat transfer fluid inlet temperature can obviously shorten the complete charging time of the thermal energy storage systems unit.
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2018, VOLUME 22, ISSUE Supplement 2, PAGES [S527 - S533]
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