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Significant number of research projects in the area of renewable energy sources (especially for small hydro power plants) has been made within the Department for Energy and Process Engineering and Regional Euro Energy Efficiency Center at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (University of Kragujevac, Serbia) since early eighties. The results are various; numerous domestic and international recognition and technical performance tell about the success of the research. Research projects have been following the technical and technological development of research equipment and economy growth. This has led to the development of software for designing turbines of SHP plants. In order to notify the public about possibilities of our software, in this paper is briefly described a mathematical model and procedures for calculating and designing of SHPP for known conditions. As an argument for assessing the validity and potential of our research results is shown constructed SHP plant “Bosnia 1”, 2 x 100 kW power.
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PAPER ACCEPTED: 2010-07-07
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2010, VOLUME 14, ISSUE Supplement 1, PAGES [S155 - S169]
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