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An experimental investigation of the airflow through inlet port of a standard production direct injection diesel engine is presented. The investigation comprises mass flow rate and pressure drop measurements at fixed valve lifts, and spatial distributions of mean and r.m.s. velocity components around the port/valve annulus measured under steady flow conditions by special designed miniature hot-wire anemometer X probe. The results show that the velocity field is distributed non-uniformly across the valve gap and around valve periphery. Nonuniformity is more expressed at higher valve lifts. Flow instability in a jet leaving the port (jet flapping) is also evident since the skewness and kurtosis of the velocity probability distribution function depart from the Gaussian form. The presented experimental method, based on the application of miniature multiple hot-wire probes, makes possible investigation of flow performances of an inlet port and poppet valve assembly of a production engine head without any modification for ensuring an optical access within the port/cylinder.
PAPER REVISED: 2007-10-19
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2008-02-18
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