International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 10, year 2006, Issue 3]

Special issue dedicated fossil fuels and claen coal research and technology.
Release of arsenic during the carbonisation of CCA-treated wood on a laboratory and pilot scale
The 3R anthracite clean coal technology: Economical conversion of brown coal to anthracite type clean coal by low temperature carbonization pre-treatment process
CO2 capture and storage in Greece: A case study from komotini ngcc power plant
Comparison of oxygen carriers for chemical-looping combustion
Prospects for co-firing of clean coal and creosote-treated waste wood at small-scale power stations
Production and characterization of bio-oil from catalytic biomass pyrolysis
Optimization of pulverised coal combustion by means of CFD/CTA modeling
Lignite chemical conversion in an indirect heat rotary kiln gasifier