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The performance of a new parabolic trough collector hot water generation system with a well mixed hot water storage tank is investigated in the present work. The storage tank water temperature is increased from 35 °C at 9.30 h to 73.84 °C at 16.00 h when no energy is withdrawn from the storage tank. The average beam radiation during the collection period is 699 W/m2. The useful heat gain, the collector instantaneous efficiency, the energy gained by the storage tank water and the efficiency of the system as a whole are found to follow the variation of incident beam radiation as these parameters are strongly influenced by the incident beam radiation. The value of each of those parameters is observed to be maximum around noon, when the incident beam radiation is maximum.
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PAPER ACCEPTED: 2006-06-21
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2006, VOLUME 10, ISSUE Issue 2, PAGES [167 - 174]
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