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Performance analysis of automotive air conditioning system with an internal heat exchanger using R1234yf under different evaporation and condensation temperatures

This study presents the energy and exergy analysis of an R1234yf AAC (automotive air conditioning) system. For this aim, an experimental baseline AAC system was developed and a double pipe IHX (internal heat exchanger) was employed to the system. The detailed performance comparison of the system under different condensation and evaporation temperatures was studied for both the baseline system and the system with the IHX. For this, the cooling capacity, COP (coefficient of performance) and the total exergy destruction per cooling capacity were evaluated. Additionally, the volumetric and isentropic efficiencies of the compressor were investigated. It was determined that the IHX has increased COP and decreased exergy destruction per cooling capacity by 4%-6% and 13%-16%, respectively.
PAPER REVISED: 2017-10-25
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2017-10-28
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