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Thermal Science - [Participation Fee]


Decision of Editor-in-chief – January 2017

Based on the exclusive rights defined in EDITORIAL POLICY, Open access policy, Editor-in-chief accepts decision that Participation fee can be waived for members of the Editorial Boards of the journal THERMAL SCIENCE, once a year only if they are corresponding authors. Exclusively, if member of the Editorial Boards will submit paper in which he/she is the only author, Editor-in-chief may once more waive his/her Participation fee.

This decision is in power from 1st January 2017.

Prof. Dr. Simeon Oka


Decision of the Society of Thermal Engineers of Serbia, founder of the journal Thermal Science

The Management Board of the SOCIETY OF THERMAL ENGINEERS OF SERBIA, on the session held on March 6th 2013, wishing to create stable financial conditions for publishing the THERMAL SCIENCE journal, reached the following decisions:

  • A PARTICIPATION FEE of 150 Euros per paper, is introduced for all papers accepted for publication in the journal THERMAL SCIENCE,
  • Decision will be effective starting from date of the announcement at the web site of the journal THERMAL SCIENCE
  • Decision will also be applied to all papers which are presently still in reviewing process, irrespective of the date of the submission,
  • Submission of the papers is free of charge,
  • Reviewing process is free of charge,
  • PARTICIPATION FEE have to be paid ONLY after positive decision of the Editor-in-chief, that paper is ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION,
  • After receiving positive opinions from the reviewers, and after positive decision of the Editor-in-chief, paper will be included in Online first list, ONLY AFTER receiving the "participation fee" on the bank account of the SOCIETY OF THERMAL ENGINEERS OF SERBIA.
  • For papers which are already on the Online first list the authors are not obliged to pay PARTICIPATION FEE, but will be kindly asked to pay "participation fee" if they want to help financial stabilization of the journal THERMAL SCIENCE, and to help actions of the National Editorial Board to shorten waiting period from Online first list to assignment and publishing in specific Issue,
  • Authors of the papers assigned to be published in No. 2, 2013 (already in preparation), will be also kindly asked to pay "participation fee" for the same reasons, but are not obliged.

Management Board of the SOCIETY OF THERMAL ENGINEERS OF SERBIA and National Editorial Board are aware that this is not popular and easy decision.

In the past 17 years, due to the quality of the papers published, THERMAL SCIENCE journal became a respectable international scientific journal, with continuously growing Impact factor, starting from 0.407 in 2009 up to 0.779 in 2011. Presently, current Impact factor is 1.45.

Number of papers submitted for publication in 2012 was more then 600. From this number, about 500 have been sent for review to the most respectable experts all over the world. National Editorial Board, in order to cope with the everyday growing number of papers submitted and accepted for publication, increased number of papers published in one issue from 10-15 papers in 2008, up to 25-29 in 2012, and increased number of issues per year: in 2005 – 3 issues, from 2006 to 2011 – 4 issues and in 2012 – 5 issues. Last three years we have also published 2 Supplement issues per year.

In spite of these efforts, we have on our waiting list (Online first list) more than 120 papers, and waiting period increased to even 1 and a half year. Also, in order to increase dissemination of the scientific results published in THERMAL SCIENCE, we have increased number of libraries all over the world to which we are sending our journal as hard copy, i.e. printed on the paper. This action has also increased our mailing costs.

As a consequence of the growing number of papers, increased number of issues per year and increased number of pages per issue, and at the same time due to world economy crisis and increase of prices of material and labour, costs of publishing journal, per issue and per page, increased several times.

Being aware that it is not possible to create sustainable financial and editing conditions for publishing the THERMAL SCIENCE journal, due to the fact that subscription cannot provide enough funds, especially considering the increase in number of papers to about 150 papers per year (by decreasing maximum number of pages per paper from 16 to 12), and despite financial help from several sponsors, but at the same time wishing to satisfy interest of the scientists all over the world to publish results of their investigations, the Management Board was forced to accept the above mentioned decision.

This decision will also make possible to fulfill one of the main principles of the National Editorial Board of the journal THERMAL SCIENCE - to publish Open access journal, available to all to publish and read.