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The paper presents a numerical simulation of two-phase turbulent flow in straight horizontal channels of pneumatic transport with non-circular cross-section. For the granular flow simulation, we have chosen the flow of solid particles of quartz, flour, and ash in the flow of air, which is transporting fluid. During the modeling of the flow, the transported solid particles are reduced to spherical shapes. A correction of the stress model of turbulence is performed by taking into account the influences of the induction of secondary flows of the second order in the gas phase. The full Reynolds stress model was used for modeling the turbulence, and the complete model is used for the turbulent stresses and turbulent temperature fluxes. All numerical experiments were conducted for the same initial flow conditions and a single uniform grid was adopted for all numerical experiments. The flow is observed in a straight channel of a square cross-section and dimensions of sides of 200 mm and the length of 80 Dh. During the simulation, the fineness of the numerical grid was also tested, and the paper shows results of the numerical grid of the highest resolution beyond which the fineness does not influence the obtained results. The paper offers graphics of velocities of the solid particles transported by the transporting fluid (air) along the channel.
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2018, VOLUME 22, ISSUE Supplement 5, PAGES [S1407 - S1424]
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