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The comprehensive exergy characteristics of thirty two rice husk samples including exergy values (moisture related, S related, ash related, and LHV related) and exergy percentages (moisture related, S related, ash related, and LHV related) were investigated in this study. The results show that the moisture related exergy, S related exergy, ash related exergy, and LHV related exergy are in the ranges of 0-327.93, 0-67.78, 17.88-131.97, and 10577.05-19297.54 KJ/kg, respectively, for the rice husks. The exergy values of rice husks are in the range of 10918.01-19445.76 KJ/kg, and they are mainly determined by the LHV related exergy (96.81-99.70%), followed by moisture related exergy (0-2.66%), ash related exergy (0.11-0.78%), and S related exergy (0-0.43%).
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PAPER ACCEPTED: 2017-09-13
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2018, VOLUME 22, ISSUE Supplement 2, PAGES [S429 - S437]
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