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Non-Newtonian boundary layer flow and heat transfer characteristics over a stretching surface with thermal radiation and slip condition at the surface is analyzed. The flow is subject to a uniform transverse magnetic field. The suitable local similarity transformations are used to transform the non-linear partial differential equations into system of ordinary differential equations. The non-linear ordinary differential equations are linearized by using Quasi-linearization technique. The implicit finite difference scheme has been adopted to solve the obtained coupled ordinary differential equations. The important finding in this communication is the combined effects of Magnetic field parameter M, power law index n, slip parameter l, radiation parameter R, surface temperature parameter g , heat source/sink parameter S, local Eckert number Ec, temperature difference parameter r, generalized local Prandtl number Pr on velocity and temperature profiles and also the skin-friction coefficient -f''(0)and heat transfer coefficient -θ'(0) results are discussed. The results pertaining to the present study indicate that as the increase of magnetic field parameter, slip parameter decreases the velocity profiles, where as the temperature profiles increases for both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. The power law index n and heat source/sink parameter decreases the dimensionless velocity and temperature profiles. The effect of radiation parameter, Eckert number leads to increase the dimensionless temperature. It is found that increasing the slip parameter has the effect of decreasing the skin-friction coefficient-f''(0)and heat transfer coefficient-θ'(0).With the increase of power law index n is to reduce the skin-friction coefficient and increase the heat transfer coefficient.
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