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Design of automatic measurement system for pre-tightening parameters of multi-axis wrist force pressure sensor

Aiming at the shortcomings of low efficiency and poor accuracy of the existing pressure sensor pre-tightening parameter measurement system, an automatic multi-axis wrist force sensor pre-tightening parameter measurement system is designed. The multi-axis wrist force sensor module is used to collect real-time tension signal from the loaded hand wheel. After amplification, the signal is transmitted to the multi-channel gating module through RS485 communication module to realize the tested sensing. After fast switching and constant current source power supply control function, the data collector collects the pull signal obtained by multi-axis wrist force pressure sensor and transmits it to the upper computer of the system designed by LabVIEW through RS485 bus. The upper computer controls and collects the pressure sensor according to the pull signal feedback from the data collector, and the pre-tightening displacement of multi-axis wrist force sensor is determined by parameters such as axial displacement and friction resistance moment. The experimental results show that the designed system can fully measure the pre-tightening parameters of the sensor, and the starting moment measurement error is only 0.102%. The system can meet the requirements of batch measurement and calibration of multi-axis wrist force sensor with accuracy of 1%-0.1%.
PAPER REVISED: 2019-09-05
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-09-06
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